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Takoyaki with a good friend

21 May

I want to introduce to you a dear friend of mine.

His name is Kiyo and he lives in Osaka, and he is passionate about a local food called ‘Takoyaki’ or Octopus Dumplings. Continue reading

Bento, love in a box

10 Feb

One of the nice things about the Japanese is their ability to take something mundane and boring and make it special and cute. Have a look at your lunch today, what do you have? A sandwitch? crisps? bit of fruit? fancy store bought sandwitch with mustard and dill over multigrain bread? No matter what it is you have it will be dull. Continue reading

Let’s Talk Takoyaki!

30 Sep

Inside the Lockup, Shibuya Japan.

When I was in Tokyo last time, I met up with a very dear friend of mine. He is Japanese and lives in Saitama, he is a genuinely nice guy and another reason why I miss Japan so much. One day he took me to dinner at a place called ‘The Lockup’ in Shibuya, its a themed restaurant that’s lots of fun, the theme being a dungeon or prison where you are ‘locked in’ while you eat. Ill talk more about the restaurant later, the important thing is the food here. Continue reading

Cafe WAKAKUSA, and new friends!

29 Sep

All of my visits to Japan have been to Tokyo. It is a huge and complex city that can confuse and delight you in the same moment. People rush around and sometimes it feels like you are drowning in a sea of humanity, but just as you think you cannot possibly swim against this tide, something happens. Continue reading

Now into the meat of the blog

29 Sep

The first post in this blog was basically an introduction. I have been to Japan in 2007 (springtime) and 2009 (autumn) and I am planning to go again in 2010. As I write the Yen is very strong and the pound is very weak so I couldn’t have picked a worse time to go. Continue reading