Notes from Shibuya, Tokyo.

4 Nov

Its been a while I know, but work and life have had its fangs in me for far too long, so apologies for the break in posts but I hope this one will make up for it.

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Cycling in Japan. Mamachari: A hidden icon

11 Jun


As you can probably gather, I like Japanese culture. Continue reading

Hanami in the UK

14 Apr

Spring is my favourite time of year without question. The cold dreary days of winter are behind us and all the cliche’s that go with it. Spring in Japan is just wonderful as all across the country, from Okinawa to Hokkaido, the cherry trees start to bloom, covering cities and countryside alike with pretty white or pink sakura.

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Time to learn Japanese.

25 Feb

I have been interested in Japan for a very long time. It goes back to the late 1970’s and early 1980’s where I was exposed to ‘Cool Japan’ for the first time. I was (and still am) a very imaginative child and the style, energy and difference of the things I was seeing buried deep into my brain and refused to leave. Continue reading

Reset the clock

14 Jan

First, the bad news…

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The Japanese Difference.

3 Jan

For quite a while I have been trying to think of the differences between the UK and Japan. Partially this is due to my ‘homesickness’ for Tokyo, I guess I am trying to find a reasonable idea why I miss it so much and why things just are not the same here in the UK. I do this comparison a lot, mostly when I am at a low ebb, missing the things I can do in Japan that I just cannot do here. Continue reading

My Japanese Girlfriend

2 Oct

Like many people who have an interest in Japan, a large draw for me is the culture and sub culture of those that enjoy videogames, anime and manga. For these people (myself included) Akihabara in Tokyo is one of the most exciting places you can be while in the Capital. It is bursting with everything you could possibly want from stores selling vintage games and hardware to Maid Cafe’s that by using special Maid magic, will make your drink even more tasty as they chant ‘Moe, moe kyunnnn…’ and call you ‘Master’ This entry is not really about Akihabara, or ‘Akiba’ as the cool Otaku call it, its just the place I met my Japanese girlfriend that has been in my life since 2009. Continue reading